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Julian and Jonathan

Mar 13, 2017 - Sarah Mei Herman

For this post I would like to share my most extensive body of work “Julian and Jonathan”: an ongoing series about my father and my twenty years younger half brother Jonathan, which I started in 2005.

This body of work portrays the triangular relationship between the three of us. My memories as a young child, of the relationship with my father, are now in a way mirrored in my half brother. By photographing Jonathan I try to approach our unusual sibling relationship which I am part of at a physical distance. This work is very much about me, and this part of my family, as well as the relationship between a relatively older father and his young child.

Jonathan is sixteen years old now and he is going through a lot of transitions. He is still a child in many ways but at the same time he is becoming a young man.

The relationship between Julian and Jonathan remains very close and they seem to share a world which I’m not entirely part of. The way Jonathan relates to me has changed a lot recently and for the first time I am truly experiencing what it means to have a brother and to share a parent.