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Every week an artist whose single image was published by Der Greif is given a platform in which to blog about contemporary photography.


Jul 23, 2013 - Chris Round

Today I am really excited to introduce some new work by the Australian/German artist Katrin Koenning. In my opinion, she is one of the most imaginative, explorative and finessed photographic artists working in Australia today - scroll through some of her series and you'll see why. Katrin has also exhibited at, and is represented by, Edmund Pearce Gallery, where my exhibition opens next Wednesday. She studied photography at the Queensland College of Art, Griffith University and currently lives and works in Melbourne, Australia. Much of Katrin’s work investigates the ordinary and everyday, and is concerned with place and belonging. Her bio and CV speak for themselves and you can see them on her WEBSITE. These new images are still only a work in progress so I'm delighted to be posting them here. It's a working title but Katrin's statement for 'A Country Big Enough To Disappear In' reads: "Australia is a vast and expansive land, yet it counts amongst the most urbanized countries in the world, with over two-thirds of the population living in major cities. Many rural towns have long experienced population decline, having a profound impact on communities. In the Century of globalisation and urban explosion, changes in regional labour economy, farm adjustment processes, an enduring shift in industry and the effects of droughts all continue to pose a steady threat to the local, particularly in the wheat belt. During the summer months, when harvest is done, those remaining flock to the ocean for relief from the heat, leaving behind vacant towns scattered along the country's main highways. A Country big enough to disappear in is a work in progress, exploring stories of people and place in regional and remote Australia."