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Krzysztof Pijarski – »Lives of the Unholy« (2009-2013)

Dec 20, 2014 - Igor Omulecki

Hi everybody, today I would like to share some works of my colleague Krzysztof Pijarski. Krzysztof is a great artist, theorist and lecturer at Lodz Film School. »The Lives of the Unholy« are a visual archaeology of the city of Warsaw, an attempt at looking closely at the phenomenon of the destruction of monuments in Poland in times of political transformation. The project tries to bring forth the complex network of connections between monuments, sites, and histories, to question the logic governing their appearance and disappearance, and to explore the stratifications in the mute narratives of those places. Today the fact that Warsaw was rebuilt after the war as a promise of a social utopia is practically invisible. Its post-war roots have become hieroglyphs. This is an attempt at a visual reading of the city’s hidden grammar, of the mute language it speaks.