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Lambert et Fils: L&F Lab

Dec 05, 2017 - Arseni Khamzin

Lambert et Fils is a design studio based in Montreal, Canada that specializes in lamp & lighting design. I’ve been making photographs for them over the last two years. In addition to making beautiful design objects, a central goal to the organization is to promote creative initiatives within Montreal.


The L&F Lab is a pilot project that aims to give employees at the company time and space to creatively experiment and develop knowledge with a range of materials – everything from working with molding concrete, to shaping brass offcuts, creating three dimensional paper collages, metalworking, technical drawing, and many other possibilities, usually using recycled materials. This means once a week, an artist or designer is invited to come and teach a workshop of the history, basics, and methods of how to approach a given material, with the aim of enriching the skills and knowledge of anyone interested. Eventually, the project may encompass larger creative projects and lead to other opportunities. Currently, the structure is a bit like a Bauhaus School approach to learning and creating.


The images here are from two workshops from recent weeks: a Halloween Mask-making workshop led by Chris Tucker, and a concrete molding workshop led by Nick Castonguay. Images by Arseni Khamzin for L&F, and all creations by their respective owners.