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Laurence Hervieux-Gosselin

Jul 20, 2020 - Michael Hicks

Montreal-based artist Laurence Hervieux-Gosselin's project Silver Has no Shine for Magpies blends fact and fiction, weaving together a fractured narrative of the real-life Mafia of Quebec with iconography from The Sopranos to show our cultural fascination with myths and the psychological lure of the criminal underworld.


From Laurence:


"Living in the Laurentians of Quebec, the epicenter for the Italian-Canadian mafia, made me aware of how we fetishize mafia-related crimes from "regular" crimes. Here, people who cross paths with well-known Mafiosi, on golf courses or in restaurants, describe them as gentlemen, not cold-blooded killers. Murder isn't just murder, it's a vendetta – a noble act defending honor. In the North American context, the crime bosses and their associates are seen as immigrant strivers and entrepreneurs trying to get their piece of the pie in a morally compromised but familiar society. Mafia dramas are ancient and violent tragedies refracted in a modern world.


I am not interested in linear narratives that celebrate the sacred and profane but rather excavate ambiguous psycho-dramas where imagination is fundamental to fill in the gaps and decipher occulted emotions. I create a universe where fact and fiction are forever conjoined – where narrative fragments, lurid colors, contemporary myths and fallen anti-heros mirror our forbidden desires."


Laurence has an exhibition upcoming at Galerie La Castiglione in Montreal in the fall.

See more of Laurence's work at her website

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