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“Le Dépeupleur”

Oct 29, 2019 - Yana Kononova

“Le Dépeupleur” is a study of masculinity images, which formed the basis of my book. It’ll be published by Enko Press this year. In the work on the book, I attempt not to be guided by any notions of masculinity – be it from contemporary theories (Gender Studies and Psychoanalysis) or the popular visual culture with its stereotypes. I try to proceed from an ideologically and aesthetically unbiased position, motivated by the question: what does it mean to be male-bodied?


Since the subject is intentionally not defined previously, the only possibility remains to explore the space of research itself – the advancing by the touch, marking and orientation through intuitions, sensations and ideas. Therefore, the title and the mood of the series refer to the novel of the same name by Samuel Beckett “Le Dépeupleur”. The novel develops the idea of a closed space that stimulates different – and even absurd – bodily activities and manifestations. For this specific “athleticism” of the body, a space is not an object of external cognition or overcoming, but it is associated with the logic of self-consciousness as the body’s own performative capabilities.