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Le nom qui efface la couleur

Jun 11, 2014 - Andres Medina

The latest work of the photographer Israel Ariño took place in the course of an artist residence in Nature Humaine (Le Blanc, France), during three months of the last autumm. Le nom qui efface la couleur is a book that searchs the idea of traveling and the exploration of the country from a new point of view, closer to mystic and abstract than the usual. A physical tour and a mental one at the same time; a path that means an stimulus for the photographer himself. Across the pages of this book we go through different stages which show us who are the inhabitants of the place, emerge the unexpected apparitions, the longing to stare and observe just for questioning oneself its own doing. This work is a loyal reflection of who is gazing, someone who has the curiosity to go deeply into the surrounded reality and extract something beyond the obvious. Le nom qui efface la couleur is also a series owning a cute irony: everything is not the way we see it. Israel Ariño slips some bizarre situations where it is not clear what is happening, and he leaves you with a smirk. This book is in my own collection and I strongly recommend it. It has been published jointly by Filigranes Éditions and Ediciones Anómalas. I want to emphasize the outstanding work the independent publishing house Ediciones Anómalas is carry on doing since 2012, with Montse Puig as CEO publisher and promoter. This publishing house means an important commitment to do quality books and supporting authors who have a lot to contribute in photography.