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Lonely Traveller

Feb 05, 2019 - Jagoda Wisniewska

On importance of right people in photographic practice.

You and me need other people. Why we need them I am still not quite sure, but I know this is really applicable to everyone. The creative journey towards the bright future, usually takes a little longer to pass then planned beforehand. It does take unexpected turns, ups and downs, a constant hyperbolic path. Here is where other people, with their <other> heads and hearts, with <other> hands and sometimes also <other> computers or cars come into the picture. I think that needing the presence of other people applies especially to photographers who usually are kind of lonely travelers, and from time to time, as any traveller they might get off track – literally. We, photographers, do need other people entering in and out our creative processes, our ideas and our methods. It is really important part of realizing what you already know, but what only through presence of another person can be finally  demonstrated.