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Looking Too Much

Feb 01, 2019 - Jagoda Wisniewska

On social media and internet scrolling and their downsides when it comes to creativity.


I like to use my phone for discovering work of others, who spent their time on actually creating something before I could see it online, on Instagram or Pinterest. I like to spend long hours on my phone scrolling through thousands of images better then the images I have ever manage to take myself. I like to look at all of those successful editorials, exciting sets designs, crafted art directions and skillful light set-ups. I admire the ideas behind each image, I consume the craft and talents. It seems that looking is never too much. After practicing Looking on a regular week, for several hours a day, I become aware that it is indeed possible to overdose it. This is the moment when Looking becomes dangerous and somehow unhealthy. I wonder how many things could I have done already instead of looking at them. Did I need to see it all? Am I a better look-er now? Will this contribute to my well-being in any visible way?