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Luis Seoane

Mar 08, 2019 - Damian Ucieda Cortes

Intentando golpear ideas (Trying to crush ideas) is an image which I produced for an individual show in the Fundación Luis Seoane in 2015. Luis Seoane was one of the most well known Galican painters of his time.  As a starting point for my research for the exhibition I visited the painter’s archive with the researcher Carmela Montero who specializes in his work. I chose a few of his artworks that I felt were similar to my own work to use as references in order to create an image I was going to produce for the show.  Among them was an album of wood engravings created by Luis Seoane  in 1972,  titled “Intentando golpear ideas”. In this artwork the Galician artist represents the protests that he himself lived through during his time as a student in Santiago de Compostela.