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Malleability of the Medium of Photography- Stranger’s life.

May 23, 2020 - Macarena Costan

I realised my trajectory as a photographer/ image maker, somehow, has been developed based on an interest in finding new possibilities of representation through different devices, methods, aesthetics. The continuous aim for searching within the creative possibilities and continuous expansion of a vocabulary of photographic vision. A persistence of looking for better ways of representation through experimentation.


The materials used to create this body of work are a pile of 35mm slides bought in a market in Cardiff, these images record someone’s life around the 60s,70s early 80s.
After digging through the slides of a stranger’s life. I realised I could not decipher what was happening but I could reconstruct it, and to give them a new purpose.


I made several structures using layered mount cardboards of different shapes and sizes. I projected some of the slides on these three-dimensional structures, with the main purpose of interfering on the images and to remove them from their context, purpose, and original form. The projection of the slides provided them with a sense of ‘being floating in the vastness’ as if time and space become suspended. Also, some parts of the image became concealed, producing an interesting visual de-fragmentation of the image, which also varies depending on the perspective you choose to see the images. It makes the audience able to control the amount of the visual information you want to see or conceal.


The main purpose of documenting important moments of someone’s life has changed, the content is not relevant anymore, The meaning of the slides came to lie in the appropriation and intervention of them and the different forms they can acquire.


Something familiar, intimate becomes public, unreal, and open to interpretation.


I have created these still images with the most purpose of documentation, but this work ideally will be presented as an installation.