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Mar Martín – Lyuba

Oct 11, 2018 - Anja Ligaya Weiss

In my first post I’d like to introduce Berlin based spanish photographer Mar Martín.


I like Mar’s cinematographic approach to photography a lot and the way her images stimulate the viewer’s imagination. Her aesthetics are surreal and futuristic and create a sense of coldness and uncertainty. She produces mental places with her pictures where reality and fantasy co-exist.


The images shown here are from the series she is currently working on called »Lyuba«, in which she investigates the Pleistocene, migration and extinction of species like mammoths. Lyuba means love in Russian and is actually the name of a female mammoth who died over 40.000 years ago and was found in Russia in 2007. She is the best preserved mammoth mummy in the world. The most southern place where remains of mammoths were found was in southern Spain, very near to where Mar was raised. Mammoths had to migrate from Siberia to the south in order to survive. With this project Mar wants to explore the traces of the Pleistocene that still surround us, connect north and south and create a relation between the past and today, as she explains in her own words:


„I compare it to what’s happening nowadays. By transporting us to a distant past, I try to make us think about our human condition and realise that our existence as humans is not more significant than that of other species.”


You can find out more about Mar’s work here