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Mateusz Choróbski – The draught

Dec 23, 2014 - Igor Omulecki

Today I want to share with you work of the young, talented conceptual artist Mateusz Choróbski. The draught – puplic action, performance action, video, drawing, map, found object (2013) A jet flew over the city of Lodz and its vicinity. The altitude is low and the speed makes the plane difficult to spot. The only element that can be sensed is the sound, which spreads all over the city, and a trail: the lines, which a plane usually leaves behind. The route was set in accordance with the direction of Piotrkowska street - the north-east axis. I am interested in the relation between the society/individual and space. Their functioning in the area that they took possession of - both tangible and emblematic one (by way of habits or acceptance of the life conditions).The Draught project refers also to the characteristic architecture of Lodz. It caught my attention due to, among other things, its current status which I personally consider to be adherent to the past. It is worth-noticing that Lodz is a Polish mutation of Corbusierowski's modern city, therefore it is inscribed into the theories of mystic city being unlimited in its totality, boundless space which is asymmetrical and deprived of representation. more projects at: