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Meditations on paper

Mar 27, 2017 - Rachele Monti

I recently re-discovered the work of Sara Skorgan Teigen and I can’t help but share it with you. The first time that I saw her project “Fractal states of being” was in 2015 at the Musée de l’Elisée, Lausanne, during the exhibition “Regeneration 3”.  I got immediately fascinated by her way of working and using photography. But not only the formal aspect of her work intrigues me, I feel related to her work also in its essence, because it investigate the inner being of the human through the idea of the unseen, an element that is also present in my own works.

The pictures in her book/notebook represents bodies of women and parts of landscapes. On the top and around the pictures, she draws organic elements in which we can distinguish shapes of plants, water, rocks, hairs. She transforms her invisibles emotions and thoughts (that se calls meditations), into something visible through the connection between drawings and pictures. Even if the feelings remain abstract, the idea of putting them into a notebook helped making them more tangible.  The abstract is something she finds fascinating because, as she says: “Abstract forms are fascinating because they are not familiar to us and therefore when presented or seen –we have to accept them.” The work is shown in his brutal state thus in a spontaneous and genuine way. Like the feelings in our mind, the place where ideas comes together and relate in unexpected ways.

Sara Skorgan Teigen is a Norwegian photographer and illustrator. She studied photography at the Fatamorgana, The Danish School of Art Photography in Copenhagen and at the Icp, International center of photography in New York.