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Meetings with Remarkable People #5: Mattia Parodi & Piergiorgio Sorgetti

Jul 24, 2017 - Federico Clavarino

Piergiorgio Sorgetti and Mattia Parodi’s ongoing series “La Ferita” (i.e. The Wound) is a poetical archeology of the everyday in which the city and the landscape are treated as the organs of an enormous body they explore with their photography, while looking for its wounds.

A wound is an ambivalent object: it is both the opening through which we can surgically enter a body, and the fracture through which blood comes oozing out. A wound is the liminal space in which an exchange between two worlds takes place.

Wounds, in Piergiorgio and Mattia’s work, are present within the very frame of each of their photographs, sometimes they are shadows (or the space between light and shadow), sometimes they are shards or fractures, they may also be knots and tangles, or just leftovers or discarded things that become mysterious objects, once photographically severed from their everyday context.

Like the eye in George Bataille’s “Story of the Eye”, the wound becomes an object that is continuously incarnated into something different, it is constantly present but always different. There is no total image of it, there is only the constellation brought about by the sum of its incarnations.