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Mélaina Cholé

Jul 11, 2021 - Cristiano Volk

The incidence of depression and melancholia by gender:
The notebooks of the Buckinghamshire physician Richard Napier (1607-1676) offer us a valuable insight into the medical practice of 17th century England. Napier’s notes on 2039 cases of mental illness have arrived, many of them suffering from melancholia. A noteworthy aspect of these notes is that melancholic women turn out to be about double that of men. After 350 years, the situation has not changed: in modern western societies, women are twice as likely to suffer from depression than men. Because of their subordinate position in society, women traditionally are exposed to many potentially depressed genes stressors, including the burden of humble jobs and childcare, subordination to man’s social and political power, and obstacles real and perceived to the development of an autonomous existence of some kind, for example in work.
From “Mélaina Cholé” my photobook published by Yoffy Press in February 2020.