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Models, Open Letters, Prototypes, Supplements

Jul 09, 2017 - Francesca Catastini

Just a few days before it closed I managed to visit Christopher Williams’s exhibition at La Triennale di Milano, Models, Open Letters, Prototypes, Supplements, curated by Pia Bolognesi and Giulio Bursi.

One of the aspects which fascinates and amuses me the most of William’s exhibitions is that they perfectly echo the artist’s reflections and critics towards surface and appearance.  What it is, might not be what you see and nothing is simply itself. Giving a sneak peak from the entrance in fact one could think he is going to visit a straightforward exhibition of photography.

The photographic studio, which plays a key role in most of William’s production, is then mirrored by the exhibition space. Throughout the show there were areas of bright red paint and temporary walls, both listed in the handout together with the photographs, respectively as Signage (Cherry Red Stripe) and Wall designed and constructed by…

Is one’s seeing determined by what is seen, or vice versa, is what it is seen determined by one’s seeing?

In William’s case the context of course plays a fundamental role in the dynamics of perception. The viewer is confronted with this anti-illusionistic architecture of display, which sets the framework for looking and triggers a subtle shift in our understanding of things.