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Moving Mountains

Jul 19, 2016 - Emma Bäcklund

  Self-published book Moving Mountains This is a newspaper printed publication I created in relation to Offprint, Tate Modern, London, 2016. I wanted to gather images and text that had all been part of my process during a period of six months. I find it important to take time to evaluate and gather visuals and writings to better understand what I want to prioritise and focus on next. I feel there is a lot I do subconsciously and this is the time where I can recognise these intuitive aspects further. Sometimes it is a difficult thing to do as I feel eager to move on but it is also a useful and important part. Some of the works and ideas I have explored the last months I will leave behind, and some parts will become used and weaved into the next steps. Moving Mountains hints to something that seem to incorporate a heavy stillness but instead inhabit a vibrating movement. I like the idea of a volcano being so motionless yet so alive. For me a Volcano is a metaphor of both creativity and destruction, a paradox that embody rhythms of engagement and distance, pauses and flow; an active passive force.   The World Upside Down When does the sky look like the sea and the sea look like the sky? The world turned upside down The sky a vast abyss The sea a burning cosmos - Yvonne Rainer, Poems, 2011   This is my last post, it has been nice sharing my thoughts with you. - Emma Bäcklund