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Muva Amber Vineyard

Feb 19, 2020 - Dustin Thierry

To the Ballroom Community who is aware of the discussions happening about Non-Binary within Ballroom, I would like to be clear to everyone where I stand.


I have created Lion Babe for a reason that fits within the FRAME OF BALLROOM. With all due respect to Non-binary identifying people, just because I created Lion Babe doesn’t mean that I support all Non-binary categories being created.


I would like to be very clear that Ballroom is BASED ON THE BINARY WORLD that we live in, therefore non-binary realness does not exist.
If this offends anyone, then I feel that you need to do more time in ballroom to understand what realness is really about.


Agree or disagree?

Let’s talk about it….


Non-binary in Ballroom – Talk & Jam.
March 23rd
at Club Lovelee


Lijnbaansgracht 238
1017PH Amsterdam Centrum