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Nostalgic Future

Jul 06, 2021 - Akos Levente

A problem I face nowadays, and is occuring again and again, is the difficulty to overlap older printing techniques, implicating archival images, and my affection to recreate a sense of nostalgia with trying to deal with contemporary issues and the utilisation of recent imaging technologies, methods and programs. I wish to avoid just romanticising the past, and take only aesthetical advantage of it, although it still seems to be a main drive in my works. The first approach in this regard was my series Will We Ever Talk Again, where I was aiming to deal with the phenomenon of echo-chambers through recreating a parallel past where the flow of information and speech developed into a solely technological matter, resulting the loss of the ability to directly speak with one another, and the necessity to rely on man-made devices for communication. This was the first time I tried to incorporate archival images, or modify pictures that I didn’t take, only found.