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Officina Otomops

Jul 13, 2014 - Federica Landi

I was born in Rimini in 1986, a city located on the Adriatic sea in the Emilia-Romagna region of Italy. It is one of the most famous seaside resorts in Europe. Even though the identity of Rimini has always been rooted in mainstream tourism, the city has hosted a good amount of high quality cultural initiatives over the last few decades. Its creative scene however, has never been so dynamic and cutting edge as in the last four-five years. Some of the city's historical buildings have been turned into creative venues where people can enjoy experimental art and music, but also take part into creative workshops about cooking, dancing, drawing and so on. One of the protagonists of Rimini recent and exuberant creative wave is Officina Otomops, a multimedia production studio founded by Giacomo De Luca (vj and video maker) and Ambra Galassi (graphic artist and multimedia researcher). Officina Otomops works with sound and visual projections in different spaces, creating new sensorial experiences within the city context, often utilising historical archive material. Ambra and Giacomo often produce their extraordinary work in collaboration with local musicians, artisans, illustrators, 3D graphic designers and developers. Their most recent work has been a sound + projection mapping on Rimini ancient roman bridge called Ponte di Tiberio (Tiberius' s Bridge)in order to celebrate its 2000 years of history. By combining archival documents, graphics and technology, Officina Otomops creates a spatial augmented reality where past and present dissolve into each other, dragging the viewer into a futuristic utopia. To see other projects by Officina Otomops click HERE.