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“I tend to overdo things even when they are not good for me”.

Overloading Connections

Jan 31, 2019 - Jagoda Wisniewska

When working on a creative project that involves investigating multiple subjects or territories, it is easy to get off track. Gathering information, gathering images, gathering data into your head and onto your desk and onto your hard-drives becomes the primary activity in the creative process of many. I wanted to write few lines on that overloading connections between the project you undertake and the multiple obstacles you need to pass on the way towards bright finish line. I guess somewhere on the way the connections get little blurry and the general goal you first decided to reach becomes less visible. With every screenshot you take, with every drawing you make you take few steps backwards. When I start to notice that overloading connections dangerously enter my creative processes I take my head for a long walk. If I ask you to sketch your creative process during the realization of some of your biggest projects, how would it look like ? Would it resemble any geometrical shape?