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Every week an artist whose single image was published by Der Greif is given a platform in which to blog about contemporary photography.

Paul Koncewicz

Oct 27, 2013 - Andrea Grützner

It is Sunday, so that means family day in the broader sense. Today and tomorrow, I like to introduce artists who are working on projects about their own family and their origin. I will start with Paul Koncewicz, whose work I like since I saw pictures the first time some years ago. He is mainly staging people in their personal setting. After 'My Parents Love Each Other... And their Home' and 'They Still Love…' he realized a project called Paul / Paweł (shown above) dealing with his family story in two countries. He writes: If Paul Koncewicz were born in Poland, people would call him Paweł. His parents divorced when he was 1 year old. A few years later, his mother relocated to Germany with her new husband and her two children. Things went well in their new home: Soon they could move from social housing to their own house. When he met his biological father many years later, Paul Koncewicz had already started studying photography. Having developed a strong interest in portrait photography, he was able to re-approach his Polish relatives from behind the camera. The resulting book project plays out in two parts: One book for the Polish branch of his family and one for the German one – mixing original photography with family album treasures. A picture of infant Paweł in the arms of his Polish father is quickly followed by a portrait of two grown men sitting on a tricycle. His older German sister looks strikingly similar to his Polish half-sister. Paul/Paweł portrays two families that are physically separated but close at the same time. Different yet similar.” Paul Koncewicz, born 1983 in Szczecin/Poland, studied Photodesign at the FH Bielefeld from 2006 - 2013. His Diploma "Paul / Paweł" was honored with the "BFF Förderpreis 2013". He lives and works as a freelance photographer in Hamburg, mainly on different portrait series. Paul shows his books 'Paul' and 'Paweł' online on his webpage.