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Phelim Hoey – La Machine

Jul 01, 2019 - Sara Perovic

I met Phelim for the first time at the ISSP Summer School 2018 in Latvia where I saw his dummy about this work.  I found impressive his obsessive depiction of body and its functioning. As ‘La Machine’ is an intimate work, here is more about the project explained through Phelim’s words:


‘For most people the body is self-evident. We always feel like we can rely on it’s functioning and that these don’t require any of our immediate attention. In a specific situation, like a disease, its functioning can suddenly become the subject of reflection. Autonomy and independence are important in this society, and often a big part of one’s identity. In my case, being diagnosed with multiple sclerosis, it is no longer self-evident that the body carries out actions, sometimes not even the simplest. These experiences lead to alienation, fear and an instrumental vision towards the body. With the loss of the certainty of a functioning body, the identity is also compromised.

Who I am and how the diagnose and disease influences my identity is something I will research the coming year. I also strongly feel the need to re-interpret accuracy and personalize measuring concepts of pain and the measuring of the self.’