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Photograms and police evidence

Nov 19, 2021 - Matej Jurcevic

After the collages you saw in my first blog post I began sculpting out of the magazine pages. In that stage I already knew what I was after. I was juxtaposing the Catholic iconography with fashion magazine culture. I realised that my fascination with fashion imagery came out of my Catholic upbringing. The idea of worshiping an icon is something I was familiar with. I started sculpting paper icons that looked like they were torn apart and moulded. As if they were thrown in the garbage and then rediscovered.
One of the project reviewers said how those images remind him of photograms and police evidence. That got me thinking further about the concept of the project. I was subconsciously investigating a crime scene that was my teen-hood. Full of broken icons, symbols and beliefs.