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Prologue to a Myth (2018 – 2020) I

Mar 19, 2020 - Louis Heilbronn

Prologue To A Myth (2018 – 2020) illustrates and preforms a directionless parable about the creation of a myth. It speaks to the critical role that stories and history play in creating a sense of purpose within the undefined. Shown through the fusion of factual and fantastical forms, this work is equally a study on process as it is on the exploitative function of emotional and romantic images. I began with a set of drawings that came together in the form of a storyboard. Later, I chose to make photographs of the drawings themselves in order to transform them into subject matter. From the world of these drawings sprung a narrative film: The Spirit Guide. The film, similar to the drawings, now only exist in photographs. The performance of the myth passes through the medium of drawing, film, and photography, highlighting the process over the logic.