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Every week an artist whose single image was published by Der Greif is given a platform in which to blog about contemporary photography.

Re:formed (Inoperative)

Jul 14, 2016 - Emma Bäcklund

Familiar structures built to exist in the photograph.  The forms reminisce of domestic shapes related to functionality, that which must mirror the scale and proportions of the body in order to complete its function. I am interested in observing shapes and structures in an urban environment, built to adapt to the bodily. What happens when removing it from its context, or altering its form? Modifying a form slightly can remove it from its initial function in relation to human measurements. To place it in the photograph detaches its functionality further.  Images appear without a body but echoes its measurements and reminds one of the familiar, the known. Intimacy and separateness, struggle and embrace. Often, one can not be without the other. The photographs inhabit a twosomeness, a flat coldness while simultaneously an unsettled closeness. One is left with an image that does not give away all at once. Printed life-size, the viewer is placed within these proportions.  - Emma Bäcklund