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A relationship between societal phenomenons and individual experiences

Mar 05, 2019 - Zoe Aubry

Based on anthropological investigations, my approach is based on a relationship between societal phenomenons and individual experiences. Human relationships and discoveries therefore govern the basis of my methodology. According to a dialectical approach built in rhizomes, the perpetual constitution of links within which any element can affect or influence any other is fundamental. Our temporality is essentially challenged.


In its thinking form, my work is freedom, worry, research, cohesion, connivance, moving from the singular to the universal, juggling between critical, poetic and political dimensions.


It is developed simultaneously under the mutual influence of different observations and conceptualizations. Exploring museums, documentation centers and archives belonging to private individuals, I gradually reconstruct historical imagery before reinterpreting it. This is followed by an investigation, collecting press clippings, interviewing both documents and living memories. These entities with whom I try to establish contact give me access to impermanence, transmitting memories whose dichotomy lies between insubstantiality and material. It is this space that I put in image, giving to see the constitution of a collective memory elaborated at the border between icons and intimacy.


My territorial investigation, thought according to cartographic principles gives rise to a geographical study in search of traces, which takes place in parallel.


Mostly in the field, my preferred device is in attention, between gaze, hearing and dialogue. Kit of flashes and tripods on the back, camera in hand, I watch for clues and flags on the side of hills, climbing vehicles and buildings as needed.


My hands free the camera in two situations: to knock on the doors of these strangers who, shortly afterwards, will become my interlocutors and models, either for the benefit of a second image sensor, the scanner.


When I set foot on land between two expeditions, my workspace takes place in an open space, which considerably encourages exchanges and constructive criticism.