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Untitled - Formation


Dec 18, 2017 - Jennifer Garza-Cuen

Documentary image-making is by definition relational. It requires that photographers engage with the world. When I begin a series, I do what many photographers do: I drive a lot, stop and knock on doors. I immerse myself in the landscape and familiarize myself with the people and place as a whole.


As I begin to create images I search for archetypes, for the recurring themes that have come to define that place in historical documents and popular culture. Using my own experiences and those I have inherited from films, literature, and historical documents, I create an idea of place as I imagine it.


The first images I make are invariably landscapes. I look for ways in which the land is echoed in the people and the places. Untitled – Formation and Untitled – Downdraft are examples of that process.



Untitled - Downdraft