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Revision Group – Your Favorites

Jul 26, 2015 - Aleksei Kazantsev

Today I want to present to you "YOUR FAVORITES", a joint project from the Revision Group, a collective of contemporary artists from Belarus, all specializing in their own different medias: Andrei Dureika, Janna Grak, Andrei Loginov, Maxim Tyminko, Maxim Wakultschik. In the past all the Revision Group members studied together in Germany, and released several group projects in Belarus in the 90s. "YOUR FAVORITES" is a series of digitally manipulated portraits featuring the members of the group posing as art legends, the artist whose influence shaped the development of the leading trends in contemporary art. The central theme of the project is the self-aware and humorous play about the social mechanisms underlying the production and historiography of art today. The photographs are exhibited as 176x250cm C-Prints on acrylic glass, aluminum. The artists' statement: "The general theme of our project is art-like science, and artists as scientists. We suppose that all art is a big scientific structure and each artist has own place inside. In contrast to the common perception of artists as “wild”, we define them as “hairy” and we take scholarliness as a basis, not wildness. Our formula is: Wildness + Scholarliness = Hairiness. The title of the project "Your Favorites" - is a reflection on art comic "Our Favorites" from Ad Reinhard. There were 175 candidates for portraits suggested by the group members. As a result of the interrogation we selected 21 artists by following criteria: 1. Authority 2. Inessentiality 3. Scholarliness 4. Hairiness 5. Wildness All works are divided to three groups based on a principle of three space models."