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Romanzo Meticcio – Introducing my new work

Jul 31, 2022 - Davide Degano

“Romanzo Meticcio” studies the Italian post-colonial condition as a fundamental element of the daily and contemporary life of the Bel Paese. The prefix “post” takes on a progressive historical value. It becomes a tool that invites us to critically evaluate the legacy of empires and carefully observe its effect on contemporary society.
The Italian state, since its unity, has created a narrative based upon the identification of places and people considered marginal. It is not re-evoking history but reading its meanings and evaluating its impact on current political issues that intersect with the social development of the country: the suburbs, the south, minorities, and second-generation Italians.
The photographic medium in the 1930s was a fundamental tool to justify the new fascist colonial policies based on racial segregation and to represent certain situations as marginal. Photographs became a performative act of exclusion. Who photographed these realities? What audience was it aimed at? And for what reason?
Romanzo Meticcio tries to actualize and change this narrative by overturning marginality. It does it by placing at the center what is marginalized, not identified, little represented, scarcely considered, and to give back to the photographic medium its quality of inquiry that does not bring with itself propaganda purposes.