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Samuel Solazzo — Touching

Apr 12, 2021 - Samuel Solazzo

The past year has been a very rough one, for some more than for others. It has made many pre-existing deplorable conditions even more visible and has shown us, where we may lack empathy and compassion, and where we need to improve as individuals as well as a society. Besides many precarious circumstances which already existed, the lack or rather the void left by something in particular had a strong lasting impact on me. The absence of touch/ing.


The interlock of restrictions concerning physical contact and the fact that most of my close friends are currently located in other cities quickly made me realize how closeness to other people had been self-evident for me. Despite the realization, I was inevitably overcome by a strong sense of longing for touch in all its different forms. 

I miss being touched by someone.
I miss touching someone.
I miss being touched by something.
I miss being touched by art.
I miss being touched by someone through their art.
I miss touching someone through my art.

I miss touching as some sort of non verbal language.
I miss understanding someone through touching.
I miss understanding something through touching.
I miss talking to someone through touching.
I miss intentional touches.
I miss unintentional, random touches.

I miss formal and informal touches. 
I miss the long and the short touches.
I miss touching somebody in everyday life.
I miss touching someone I haven’t seen for a long time.
I miss feeling close to someone through touching.

I miss touching all together.


All the pictures shown are loosely based on the concept of touch, sometimes more literal and sometimes more abstract. It is a very personal selection of artworks, created by some of my dearest friends. Art that touches me, made by people who touch me in so many ways.