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Sana Sana, colita de rana

Sep 21, 2022 - Rosa Lacavalla

Usually, those involved in photography are asked what their visual references are, or which photographers are influencing their research. In this way, other types of art, such as music, are often left out. In my case, music is a central part of my research as, through listening, it allows me to become one with the type of atmosphere I have in mind and I want to communicate with images.
During the realization phase of a project, I create specific playlists that I listen to continuously, in a loop of hours, until the sounds, the words, do not suggest images or feelings to me.
Even now, as I write this text, I listen again to the tracks which, with a few notes, immediately bring me back into the atmosphere of my work entitled Sana Sana.
Sana Sana, colita de rana.
Si no sanas hoy, sanaras mañana.
[Heal Heal, frog’s tail.
If you don’t heal today, you will heal tomorrow.]
Thinking about it now, it is bizarre how a work that takes its title from a nursery rhyme for children has evolved thanks to a totally different and more complex type of music.