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Saviero Kotzebue

Feb 20, 2020 - Dustin Thierry

I am Saviero and in the ballroom I go by the name of Savphire. I am also a member of the first Dutch kiki house named Kiki House of Angels, which I am the overall princess of. And I am the mother of the Benelux chapter of the International Iconic House of Revlon.


I was introduced to the scene by two very good friends Makaba Garcon and Noa 007. Since then I have enjoyed my ballroom career while also being very ambitious in my personal life where I focus on my massage practise named Haus of Hands, which focuses on the overall health of people. Mental health is becoming a real important thing in everyone’s life and it is my mission to make people aware of their overall state of health.


Ballroom is a place where everyone can come and be fabulous for a weekend when walking a ball. My duty as a leader and mother goes beyond that. I am working on creating a space for the ballroom kids to be more than just a fan favourite. I want to bring back the core values of the ballroom scene. We have many talented people who slay on the floor but then it stops there, and that should not be case. They need to take their talent and gift and show the world what they have to offer.


Being inspired by Billy Porter, Tyler Perry, Oprah, Beyoncé and many more, I am making it one of my goals to create this space where people of the ballroom scene can grow and evolve.


We are losing too many people because they really feel like they do not belong. I want to make it clear that having a life outside of ballroom is extremely important in every single way. I can’t announce yet what I am working on, but it is in the works and when it is ready I hope the scene will appreciate it. Being on the floor is fab’ but behind the floor is where the work should be done on, that’s how a legacy gets build.