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September books

Jul 12, 2018 - Pauline Hisbacq

For my first post, I choose September books, my boyfriend François Santerre’s publishing house. This is all about love and making books! We live in a small appartement with our baby girl and a lot of books, in Paris. We work here, so all of our projects connect each other.


September Books is an independent publishing house specializing in photography. It realizes editorial objects close to the fanzine with a requirement of form and manufacture.

8 books were published for now.


I would like to focus on the last ones:


Les aqueuses by Rebekka Deubner

Rebekka Deubner sketches with this edition a very personal approach to the myth of Amaterasu, goddess of the sun who is said that after a conflict she took refuge in a cave, thus depriving the world of light. It is this moment of nocturnal latency, wet and swarming, that the photographs describe in as many fragments of a vast motionless picture, never seen in its totality. The landscape of the lost traveler, the sea-bed diver perceived by flash and revealed by the blinding light of the flashlight is revealed to us in expressionist snatches, inviting the viewer to share this inner journey.


I don’t want to disappear completely by Bérangère Fromont

“Summer 2015. I spend a few days in a village in Latvia. The forest is everywhere, the population rare, the plants are invasive and venomous.
I meet a group of teenagers, ghostly presence in this rough landscape frozen in the past. I ask them to make pictures with me. We stay together for a few hours.
Aïva, one of the girls in the gang spontaneously tells me stories about the village, stories of ghosts and haunted houses.
“I’m not scared of anything, I’m afraid of ghosts,” she tells me.
In this relatively inhospitable environment, life seems to fade slowly, without disappearing completely.” (Bérangère Fromont)


Le feu by me

Collection of images collected on the internet. Here put in relation by affinities, shocks, they traverse the questions of desire, fantasies, eroticism, like a flirtation, where often the imaginary feeds images.


More about September books: