Artist Blog

Every week an artist whose single image was published by Der Greif is given a platform in which to blog about contemporary photography.

Simon Lehner from Vienna and Antonio Chicaia from Houston checking in this week.

Having only met through Instagram, in lieu of the current state of the world we decided doing a joint artist blog could be an interesting way to share ideas and work over the internet.

Throughout the week we are going to talk about each of our Influences, do some image ping pong and show some snippets from our personal ongoing projects.

“Bussis” from VIE – Simon @simon_lehner
“Howdy” from TX – Antonio @antoniochicaia

Simon Lehner and Antonio Chicaia checking in

Jun 18, 2020 - Simon Lehner

Simon Lehner:
My work mostly emerges from an autobiographical core as it explores psychological aspects of emotions through embedded photographic observation.

Each work is structured as a series that combines various media with iterations of photographic processes at its core as the works further investigate the ever blurring line between generated and lens-based images.
Through the approach of incorporating the pre-existing personal archive it is a form of “working from memory” and builds an emotional layer through the medium itself.


Antonio Chicaia:
is an Angolan born photo-based artist currently splitting his time between Austin and Houston, TX. He began making images in his mid teens in hopes of making films, but due to a lack of reliable friends to form a film crew, Antonio began to use his camera to document the world around him.

His images take influence from graphic design and mix rough documents of the world around him with staged imagery and photo montage to tell stories and explore the facets of his understanding of modern life. He has over 48,000 unread emails and has cried while watching futurama on one or two occasions.