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Skateboarding as a metaphor

May 23, 2018 - Piotr Pietrus

What I enjoy about photography so much is the possibility of being able to spontaneously capture things and moments that catch my attention. Unlike other art forms this instantinity perfectly resonates to my working method.

Just like in skateboarding, which is my other obsession, there’s no set boundaries or rules but just a way to float through reality. This gives me a freedom to just observe, play and surprise myself. In fact, this is the base tone with which I started getting into photography.




That said, I have a growing collection of ‚snapshots‘ which eventually will become my source material for this new work in progress. Out of this approach I have started to form an idea for a new photo series where I look for connections in my images in order to create a narrative. Like a dj that combines different tracks and track speeds for a mix tape. In my case, to stay by this metaphor, I am trying to combine even different genres in order to create something that becomes a coherent end result. I know this method buries a bunch of traps such as finishing up with a potpourri of random images not speaking with each other. But keeping this risk in mind, it is also an attractive challenge to create something that makes sense.

At this point the work is in a very early stage but of course once it becomes more than a draft, it will warp towards a project that goes down a certain path.

It is a travel towards a destination I have no idea where it will end and I like that.



Thanks Der Greif for having me, it’s been fun.