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Some Other Place

Feb 08, 2020 - Hana Sackler

Some Other Place is a project I made with my photo collective, SCALENO. We are 3 women living in different parts of the world, continuously collaborating on new photographic projects. The word “scaleno” is Italian for “scalene” and when lines are drawn on a map from each of our origins it makes this type of triangle.


Some Other Place is an attempt at undoing distance, using photographs and audio as a point of connection and investigation, across oceans and continents. We have asked each other, as friends and photographers, “What is it like there, for you?” and answered with photographs of ten everyday objects. Over time, these subjects lead us to discover each other’s cities and also deepen the exploration of our own. We want to know: what can be found in a park in Lima that wouldn’t be seen in Portland or Berlin? Or, how is fog similar everywhere? What makes a place? Is it the buildings and materials or people and experiences? By bridging our individual everyday moments we have created an alternate universe, an entirely new place that exists, like a novel, solely on the page.