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Some Small Fever

Nov 07, 2019 - Bryson Rand

Some Small Fever comprises photographs I made between 2015 and 2017. After spending two years in graduate school concentrating my work on connecting to and understanding the past and its effect on my life, desires, and sexual encounters with other gay men, I began pondering ideas of release and how to give that sensation visual form. What does it mean to feel or experience release? Is it the same things as being set free? What are the forces I am attempting to be released from? While I continued to work in people’s home I began to make photographs in Gay and Queer nightlife spaces, which have an almost mythic status in the history and imagination of Queer folks as places of freedom and celebration of our culture and communities. Within both the public and private spaces I was able to make work in, I started to see the freedom we gave ourselves as Queers to break the arbitrary rules that have historically been placed upon us by a society that has not considered us worthy of care or protection. Given this freedom we have built communities rich with love and creativity, and have embraced the potential of our bodies to transcend the limits and expectations placed on us by oppressive forces.