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Space Mottos

Jul 22, 2021 - Alexis Vasilikos

Space Mottos (2019) is a series of digital collages that are composed by two elements, images of space from the NASA online archive and national mottos from the national mottos page of Wikipedia.
Jidhu Krishnamurti stated that “nationalism is the glorification of tribalism”. Tribalism is one of the fundamental characteristics of our species. Where humans live, the sense of a tribe arises and develops. It’s hard to imagine humans without the sense of belonging to some tribe. Our identity as particular individuals is based on it and although tribal consciousness is essential in defining a collective ego-identity what does it really say about us, as a species?
How does our limited identification as members of particular groups function when it is seen from the perspective of infinity?
And how does our culture look like from the viewpoint of space consciousness? Are we bringing into space the same attitude we have towards Earth, the culture of the conqueror, the colonizer?
Are we going to continue creating borders and imaginary divisions in space? Or perhaps we can see the possibility of recognizing in space something greater than tribal consciousness, something unlimited?
*Space Consciousness is a term used by Eckhart Tolle. According to Tolle Space Consciousness represents not only freedom from ego, but also from dependency on the things of this world, from materialism and materiality. It is the spiritual dimension which alone can give transcendent and true meaning to this world.