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How it started: ‘When I killed your tulips’

Oct 27, 2021 - Stefano Conti

In November 2019, I attended a seminar held by writer and critic, Kirsty Bell, at Malmö Art Academy titled ‘Forensics of the Readymade.’ The seminar revolved around the notion of the social biography of objects. Bell suggests that the meanings of objects change and are renegotiated throughout history depending on the social interactions that they are entangled in. She emphasizes the idea that objects accumulate biographies as they repeatedly shift between ownerships and places. I thought that this was such a poetic way of looking at our contemporary society. At the same time, this idea resonates with me in my practice as I work with artefacts, fossils, and found objects from the past that I rephotograph to create new narratives. In the following months, ‘When I killed your tulips’ became my new photographic series.