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Stefanie Scheurell

Oct 28, 2013 - Andrea Grützner

When I visited Stefanie for the first time, I discovered a small portrait of Ruth Wurmhöringer. Deeply moved by her expression, I've started to ask Stefanie about her project. On the one hand fascinated, on the other hand shocked by some experiences she had with her demented grandmother (1920-2009) she began to take videos in 2004, adding photography and drawings for the following years. I was impressed by their really close relationship and Stefanie's courage to stage her beloved grandmother. Stefanie writes: "For a long time I have been fascinated by the hilarious and individual character of Ruth Wurmhöringer, although the continuous decline of her brain and body through age and dementia both alarmed and affected me. Originally I wished to work with Ruth Wurmhöringer in order to get to know her pronounced character on a deeper level and to transform it into an image. I began to reconstruct the individual stations of Ruth´s life. In her youth, Ruth dreamt of becoming an actress, but this plan was interdicted by her father. Her affinity for dressing up, which lasted well into her grown up life, is strongly expressed in my photography. With time further concerns arose as for example the tracing of the tilting effect between our reality and that of a person with dementia. Does the parallel world or respectively the imaginary world denote perdition or is it saving the person of the awareness about her/his innate decrepitude? At which place does the elderly person deem her- or himself mentally? Besides all these questions my work grasps upon the beauty, the individuality, the dignity and the importance of the old person." There are some more drawings, videos and installation views with 'Ruth' on Stefanie's homepage: Stefanie Scheurell (*1980) lives and works in Konstanz, Germany. She studied in Karlsruhe and Berlin. Her artwork consists of drawings, objects, videos, staged photography, performances and sound-installations which she combines to complex installations in exhibitions. Her topics always relate to the human being with a focus on spontaneity, circle of life, metamorphosis and transitoriness. Her works have been shown internationally in various exhibitions. This summer, she had two solo-shows in Konstanz (Germany): 'RUTH', Kunsthalle im Neuwerk and 'Verschmelzung von Landschaft und Lebenswerdung', Gewölbekeller.