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Every week an artist whose single image was published by Der Greif is given a platform in which to blog about contemporary photography.

Summer 2020 Reading List

Jul 30, 2020 - Gabriel Sacco

A mix of poetry, lyric, fiction, and non-fiction for artists recommended by me.


1. Wayward Lives, Beautiful Experiments by Saidiya Hartman

2. Lost Children Archive by Valeria Luiselli

3. The Story of My Teeth by Valeria Luiselli

4. Bluets by Maggie Nelson

5. 10:04 by Ben Lerner

6. Trickster Makes This World by Lewis Hyde

7. Foe by J.M. Coetzee

8. Remainder by Tom McCarthy

9. American Purgatorio by John Haskell

10. Leaving the Atocha Station by Ben Lerner

11. Open City by Teju Cole

12. Don't Let Me Be Lonely by Claudia Rankine