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Test to the mnemonic ability of photography – Series #1 “To Destruct / To Lose / To Extinguish”

Jan 17, 2015 - Tiago Casanova

Today I am sharing with you another video, this time one of my own. The project 'Test to the mnemonic ability of Photography', that is featured at Der Greif, only shows the photographs, polaroids and video stills, so I am sharing a brief excerpt from the video of Series #1 'To Destruct / To Lose / To Extinguish'. As briefly explained on the project description, this is a performative projection of an archive of seven super 8 mm video films that I bought on a Flea Market in Barcelona. The only information that I have about this archive is that it dates back from 1977, from a summer vacation of a family in the city of Javea in Spain. Due to a mechanical failure on my grandfather's projector these films are projected very slowly which causes the destruction with the heat. The first time I saw this "already lost" memories, was also the last time, emphasizing the ephemeral nature of the medium and memory itself. In total, this seven reels take more than 30 hours to project, which makes it impossible for viewers to see it all, rather, only fragments of these memories. You can take a look to the complete project and descriptive memory on the top of this page. If you are interested you can also read the text written by curator João Laia: here