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The Burnout Society

Jan 14, 2018 - Tania Franco Klein

Byung-Chul Han develops the idea that under the constant exposure of slogans like “Yes We Can” which actually implies a “Yes We Should” we succumb ourselves to enter into a cycle of illusory freedom that is permanently obsessed with achievement. The positive language doesn’t allow us to point a finger to an enemy, because the enemy comes from within.


We went from having clear who was exploiting who — before the industrial revolution— to playing both the rolls of the exploiter and the exploited. We have become slaves to the culture of positivity and achievement and we voluntary suffocate ourselves under the ideas of passion and determination and on the possibilities of everything we can achieve without even contemplating if those are things we want. We willingly take on tasks to prove our self-worth and we just keep on going until we completely shut down. This has lead to an increase on neuropsychological disorders and the consumption of pills all over the world. We have lost the ability to contemplate, to not do.