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The essentials

Mar 03, 2019 - Zoe Aubry

Because she deals with crucial subjects, constituted little by little while involving the coexistence of several levels which present multiple entries, Laia Abril.


For the insight of the original connections between heterogeneous elements, the space for dialogue offered by the confrontations between two images, as well as the harshness of their questions, Broomberg and Chanarin.


For all the ways he has of suturing the wounds of our world and his political commitment, Kader Attia who, for the time of a definition, joins André Breton and Jean-Jacques Lebel to whom I owe the conception of an object endowed with choice and vision “we do not discover an object, it comes to us”.


For the ruptures he acknowledges and his critical spirit, Thomas Hirschhorn.


For he remarkably questions the boundary between absence and presence, Christian Boltanski and his conception of the photographic medium as presence, memory to the faculty of reviving the absent, as well as his perspective, and this without any words, of suffering and war.


For the complexity of his thinking in crossed networks constantly evolving, the orientation of his approach both conceptual and artistic, and his perseverance that I make my own in (en)quests and investigations, Marco Poloni.



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