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The Oath Administrator

Nov 27, 2019 - Nura Qureshi

Kenya’s beautiful, bountiful land had been taken over by the British and the Kenyans ended up leasing a lot of their own land back to grow their food. There was a lot of anger and people wished to take over what had been theirs all along. Oath administrators were responsible for introducing the movement and reading vows to be repeated by those swearing their allegiance to the resistance. The Mau Mau used torches in banana trees to signal their presence. In the beginning, it was a voluntary act to join the Mau Mau, but as time went on one had to make a choice: Either to stand with or against them.


I had prepared a rope and found some white face paint. I had told Janet, usually shy and with her hair pulled back, beforehand about who she was going to represent and there she was coming down the driveway with a long strong stride and her hair uncombed.