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The Pattaya Sex Bubble

May 07, 2016 - Jan Hoek

These are works from 10 different magazines that I all made in the sex tourism capital of the world: Pattaya. The most people see it as the most horrible place on earth and it has countless nicknames such as 'Soddom and Gomorro on earth' and 'Disneyland for Adults', but during my two month-stay there I saw something else as well: It was also a place for second chances, both for the Thai girls, boys and ladyboys who are working there and now can have a life with a lot of money and partying as for the men who come there from all over the world and can have a second youth there. The biggest problem I saw in Pattaya was not human trafficking (you have that in Bangkok, but barely in Pattaya) but either Thai girls or boys or Western man being love sick, because they had expectations too high. Well there is so much to say about Pattaya and there are so many ways you can look at this city, that I decided that making one book, from one point of view wouldn't be enough. So i made ten different little books, all with a different angle.