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Feb 23, 2017 - Aaron Claringbold

‘Two Pandanus Trees Side by Side’ was produced as part of an exhibition made in response to a trip taken up and down the middle of Australia with two collaborators; Megan Edgoose and Rebecca McCauley. The book opening exhibition included a selection of black and white silver gelatine prints, colour inkjet prints and acrylic painted collage works alongside a self published photobook presented by each of the artists. The idea was very roughly to produce a variety of work that highlighted the nuances in the different ways we see and image place, particularly through a transitory lens. This work was produced for a cross over audience of photographers, visual artists and what could be considered an extended crowd of interested parties, namely friends, friends of friends and associates who may not have a developed involvement in either contemporary photography or art, but are open to viewing and considering work.
In selecting, sequencing and designing my photobook contribution I tried to use the book form as a framing mechanism to guide viewers experience of the work. To this end I have made use of a large amount of negative space in the layout, and have hand bound each book to facilitate each spread laying flat. Working with a high page number I used repetition, compositional layering, subtle movements of images across the pages and aesthetic progressions to embed elements of the experience of travelling through the interior into the book.
This book has recently been selected as one of 12 finalists in The Australian Photobook of the Year Awards and will be on show at Magic Johnson in Melbourne until the 24th of February, before travelling to Sydney, Brisbane, Wagga Wagga, Auckland (NZ) and Wellington (NZ) throughout 2017.


’Two Pandanus Trees Side by Side’ – Aaron Claringbold
Design Direction – Rebecca McCauley
104 pp Colour Digital hand bound
Self Pulished Ed. 30