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Time and Space

Jan 14, 2019 - Amy Li

Time is what dictates life and death.


A friend that I’ve known since I was 17, told me years ago that he has cancer. His health was declining. He wanted to run from death. He also had mounting medical bills to pay. In America, if you want to live, you have to pay a high price. So into the shadows he goes.. He is still alive but the bills get higher.

The Stephen Hawking book I included on my Book list? Yeah, that’s his. 


I once encountered a framed photo of a mushroom cloud hanging in an ex’s apartment in Philly. Their apartment was across the street from David Lynch’s old home. I asked them what it was. They told me that their grandfather had worked on the Manhattan Project. As a woman of Asian decent, I found this troubling. 


The GIF and framed photo of a clock is from 2015.